About Us

The DAL-LAGO Company is a  sister company of DLC Consulting which was incorporated with a strategy to offer technology partnership worldwide.

DLC Consulting since 1974 is a consultant of engineering and building design whose associates for a team of international experts in the field of prefabrication in concrete having a history of more than 45 years of activity that made the history of this sector.
The Company collaborates with a team that complete the competences of the associates for the development of the activities, which includes structural engineers, CAD operators, BIM managers, computer programmers, etc. The company also operates with architects and MEP equipment technicians for a totally integrated design.
The DAL-LAGO company is going to bring a revolution in Precast construction industry by collaborating and signing agreement with Exclusive Technology Partners in different regions and supporting them with set up of factories based on our most innovative technology.

Our Vision

The world of construction today requires a series of skills needed to fulfil technical specifications that are becoming more and more stricter and wider. The traditional concrete cast-in-situ way of build, relying on a semi-artisanal way to work, struggles to reach those objectives. It is our believe that the near future of concrete technology is going to be based on a process that avoids as much as possible the uncertainly coming from handicraft, granting the needed quality of construction and providing it in short timing.

The natural way to commit to this view is to improve the industrialization of the construction process, taking advantage of the worldwide technological innovations that keep being introduced in the field of precast concrete, including the contribution of our parent company DLC Consulting in more than 45 years of activity.

Our Directors


PE. Engineer and Architect, President and founder of DLC Consulting s.r.l. Italy, is also the Director in DAL-LAGO company. He is an expert in the field of concrete prefabrication and pre-stressed concrete, particularly in the research and innovation of precast concrete design and technology, fire resistance of concrete and quality certification. He holds several patents for precast concrete systems, components and connections for the residential, commercial and industrial building industry.

He is active in the scientific community in the fields of precast concrete structures and concrete fire resistance. He published more than 60 papers in the scientific and technical literature. He also participated in several international research projects.


Liyakat Ali Syed holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering Specialization in Production and Masters of Project Management from RMIT University, Australia. He has more than 15 years of International Business Development experience working in Oil & Gas and Construction Industry. He has working experience in India, Australia and Saudi Arabia which enhanced his ability to adapt to versatile working environment.

He is very passionate about Technology Innovations in Construction Industry and carries a vision of taking DLC’s most innovative precast system to different parts of the world under DAL-LAGO company. He is in charge of International Market heading operations in Australia, India, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.