Precast Factories

With more than 45 years of experience in the field of precast concrete, DLC consulting carried out the design of a large number of precast factories. The technological features of the modern systems may require advanced equipment and machineries of high precision and efficiency. In order to start a new production or to renovate an old one, DLC consulting offers the study of the following:
The production plant is built under the supervision of highly experienced operators in the field of precast concrete production. They operate at least up to start of the production
DLC consulting also offers its experience in the design of the factory structure and cladding and of the productive technology of moulds or mould systems.
The pre-stressing lines for horizontal elements have been studied both with hydraulic extractable internal moulds for voided light-weight elements or with rotating moulds for elements having different section at the edges.
Bearing walls and cladding panels are cast in vertical moulds or on horizontal beds having hydraulic tilting system
The batching plant, properly optimised for the use with precast elements, supplies high resistance concrete with minimum mean square deviation, coordinating production and transportation of concrete through distributing aerial grabbers and casting wagons.
In case of relevant volume of production, carousel mould systems can be installed for the assembly line production of normal or pre-stressed elements. Remote controlled wagons provide transportation of the manufacts to the storage area.
The equipment can be enriched with complementary machinery such as numerical control robots, automatic benders and machines for the superficial treatment of the manufacts.